About Christine … in the words of her clients

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine

Christine helped me through a multi-year on/off process of looking for a new home in San Francisco. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine for both buying and selling a home in SF – she’s more than a real estate agent, she’s a true advisor in the end-to-end home buying/selling process and goes above and beyond for her clients to be happy with their transaction.

I met Christine at an open house for a property she was listing – what luck did I have to run into her that day! I was instantly impressed with her passion for the market and felt she was someone that I could easily work with. She is an amazing real estate agent for so many reasons:

1. She cares. Personally, this one means the most. She is professional, honest, dedicated and values her integrity. She was transparent with me throughout the process so that I was very aware of issues/concerns as I made my decisions. She was my advocate through and through in working various bids, and very clearly cared that I found the right place for me and that I was well informed along the way.

2. She knows the city and the market. Christine knows SF inside and out – and she’s seen so much from the real estate side of things. Her input on locations (street/neighborhood) and the overall market was simply invaluable in working through the SF buying process. Her insights helped me eliminate some areas and zero in on others to help meet my personal preferences.

3. She makes herself available. Whether via text, phone call or in person, I was always able to connect with Christine to ask a question (any question!) so that I was comfortable with the process. She makes time to go to Open Houses whether timing works to go with you or whether she attends separately and then downloads with you on pros/cons on the property.

4. She has contacts. And she’s willing to share them to help you get into your place as easily as possible. At every turn, Christine had a practical idea of how to address issues as quickly as possible. When it came to electricians or flooring teams, Christine’s suggestions were ALL rockstars at very reasonable pricing.

Kathy R.

I enthusiastically and unequivocally give Christine my highest recommendation

I cannot recommend Christine as an agent more highly enough. She represented me and my husband in buying a home in Tiburon and selling our home in SF, and both transactions were conducted without a hitch. From the beginning of our professional relationship, it was clear that Christine is a person with the upmost integrity, honesty, and dedication to her job. She always had our best interests in mind.

We, like many other families in SF with young children, flirted with the idea of moving to Marin one day. We drove across the GG bridge many weekends to look at open homes, checked out the town centers, and reviewed the school districts. We focused our search in south Marin for the shorter commute to SF. Christine and I toured many towns and homes for almost a year together. We had many lengthy conversations about me and my husband’s likes and dislikes about each home. She was honest about her assessment of the homes and let us know why some might not work for our lifestyle, or that it may not be a long-term house for us. My husband and I refined our search under Christine’s guidance. We had cast a wide net, and Christine through her experience and network of professionals helped us narrow our search. I want to emphasize that Christine guided and supported our house-hunting journey without any hi-stress tactics or pressure. She was always available to discuss our needs and concerns, but she never pressured us to make a decision that we weren’t ready to make.

We ended up purchasing a house in Tiburon, steps away from our children’s school, in the summer of 2017. It was a multi-offer situation, and in this case there were also several counter-offers between us and the sellers. Christine kept up the communication with us the entire time, and she provided crystal clear analysis of each offer situation and explained what our options were. She read through the entire disclosure package of our house line by line, and informed us of any potential issues or contingencies that may impact the purchase. Thanks to her negotiations, we purchased our new home under asking price. Christine continued to support us after the close. She provided vendor lists for home renovations, and helped us with the move from SF to Tiburon.

At this point, there was no question that she was going to represent us to sell our house in SF. We have complete trust and confidence in her. We were busy settling into a new home and a new community, and Christine took the reins and prepped the house for sale. She contacted her list of contractors to paint the house, refinish the hardwood floors, staging, landscaping, window cleaning, and various inspection reports. She project-managed the whole thing beautifully. She handled all the issues that came up while keeping me informed. I can honestly said that all I did was write checks for the contractors. Throughout the entire process, Christine was respectful and thoughtful in her suggestions to improve our house for sale. She is extremely empathetic and tactful, knowing that it was an emotional process for us to sell our home of 10 years and where we started a family.

Christine has in-depth knowledge of the SF real estate landscape, and furthermore she is extremely knowledgeable in marketing homes for sale. Under her critical eye, she transformed our house. It was a stunning makeover, and if I could I would keep the house and enjoy its new beauty. I’m not sure how much sleep Christine got during this time, since we didn’t move until mid-September so we were trying to list the house on the market as soon as possible. The house went on the market in October, and after one open-house weekend we received multiple offers. Again, Christine’s professionalism and expertise were invaluable to us. She broke down each offer one by one and even conducted some financial checking of her own to make sure that we had all the information we needed to make the right decision. We ended up selling our house for 26% above asking price. To say we were pleased is an understatement. There were no hiccups during the escrow period, largely thanks to the fact that Christine had already done her research and disclosed any potential issues to us when we were evaluating the offers.

We could not be happier to have Christine on our team during this life-changing period. On a personal level, Christine is warm, kind, and has the utmost integrity. It was fun to spend time with her during our house searches, and I will miss her friendliness and her laugh. I want to end this review by stating once again, that I enthusiastically and unequivocally give Christine my highest recommendation.

I can’t really imagine a better agent

Christine is an outstanding San Francisco real estate agent – I can’t really imagine a better agent.

Christine really knows the market and the players and also has the patience, calmness, and persistence to make sure things go through. Christine just guided me through a San Francisco home purchase over multiple bids and I am incredibly grateful to have been referred to Christine. She is extremely competent, connected, and fun to work with.

A bit more detail:

1. Knows the market – Christine understands the dynamics of the market and what is needed to effectively negotiate and purchases a house in SF. It’s such a crazily competitive market right now and she was able to help me choose a good property to purchase. She helped steer me away from some expensive properties that I somewhat liked but would potentially be bad from an investment perspective or didn’t really fit my lifestyle that well. When I expressed interest in the house I eventually purchased, she helped me evaluate its merits relative to the other houses in the market in a way that helped me with the process. Christine also provided very helpful guidance around pricing – and was great about assessing comparables to help with the first bid pricing.

2. Knows the players – Christine has a network of people in the industry to help with financing, title, appraisals, etc. – people she has worked with so they can support you effectively in getting the deal done. I worked with two other agents previously and they were unable to fully navigate the complexities of the SF market (one made a deal for a home purchase fall through as a result – the sellers ended up very mad at him, I ended up without a place to live for a bit, very painful!). Christine knows how to pull together a team and also provided helpful referrals after the purchase for contractors, architect, etc. She also knew the seller’s agent and was great in working together with her as we went into a competitive bidding process.

3. Patience, Calmness, and Persistence – Christine has a wonderful personality (and sense of humor) and is able to work with different people involved in the process. And she was an invaluable guide for me as I was trying to sort my thoughts on the different houses and come to a decision. She was flexible and skillful in working with me – and firm when needed as well… a great combination and a trusted partner in the process.

Christine had been patiently working with me for 2.5 years as I did an on-again, off-again search. Then, I had an urgent need to purchase a place and Christine was able to help me find a place within three weeks! It required competing against four other bidders over three rounds of bidding – so I am again very grateful to have received such great support and guidance from Christine.

Peter W.

We could not be happier

We could not be happier that Christine was our agent for our first home purchase and HIGHLY RECOMMEND her if you are buying (or selling!). Everyone knows the San Francisco housing market is intimidating and outrageous, but Christine helped us purchase a condo in an amazing location on our first bid, within 3 months of deciding to have her be our agent AND we got it for below list (this is EXTREMELY uncommon in SF).

We met Christine at an open house for which she was the listing agent. We were impressed with how knowledgeable she was about the property that she was representing and her attention to detail. After our initial meeting, she took time out of her busy schedule to explain certain unique SF market concepts to us before she was even our agent. By the time we sat down formally with Christine to review our buying wish-list and budget, we had already interviewed 4-5 agents. After our meeting, my husband and I both agreed that our search for an agent was over. Christine’s experience in this market, and the accompanying data from Paragon, ensured our expectations were properly set and we were all on the same page.

Christine was really valuable to us because she is part of the Top Agent Network (TAN) so she would send us properties that fit our wishlist before they were listed on the market. She has incredible connections and is well-known in the real estate community. The best part of working with Christine is her determination to ensure the deal goes through from beginning to end. When we were ready to submit an offer, she worked behind the scenes so everything stayed on track. She remained this way until the close of escrow. She is always easy to get in touch with if we had questions or concerns, even late at night. Additionally, and most importantly, she never pressured us a certain way when we had to make a decision; she presented the pros and cons of both sides and supported us 100% in whatever we chose.

If you are searching for an agent in SF, at least sit down and chat with Christine. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as we were!

Sally and Dan

Christine was very patient, responsive, and encouraging throughout the entire process

When my husband and I first started out in the market, a good friend of mine suggested that I meet with Christine, insisting that Christine was very much like me in that she was very thorough, organized, and detail-oriented. Therefore, making her someone I would really like to work with. We were previously working with a non-local agent and was not having any luck with leads, so figured we didn’t have anything to lose. I knew at my first meeting with Christine that she was THE agent for us. She really listened to what it was that we were looking for in a home and tried to understand our family lifestyle to better make suggestions to our search approach. After my first meeting with Christine, I felt like we finally had a clear roadmap of our house hunting search that we were finally going to embark on and that owning a home in the City would be possible.

Christine had always made sure to make herself available to attend Open Houses with us. However, given that our schedule revolved around the nap time(s) of our little one, it ended up being easier for us to attend Open House separately and compare notes with Christine afterwards. Christine could always be counted on for market feedback, whether it was general comments or a detailed comparative market analysis of comparable properties, and for coming up with a strategy each time we went to the table. She always had a plan of action for each move in the game. With Christine, we always felt fully prepared to “go to battle”. We had put in a total of five offers during our hunt, but I know that with the first four offers, we knew that we did not bid where we knew we needed to bid to win. (For three of the houses, we didn’t love the houses enough.)

Having been in and out of the market with Christine for a little more than 1.5 year (though we had to hop out of the market for 8 of those months), Christine was very patient, responsive, and encouraging throughout the entire process. However, at the same time, she was firm when she needed to be–like when she had to have that conversation with us when she felt like what we were trying to achieve was not possible under current market conditions, or when it was time to submit offers or close the loan and she was making sure we were on top of it so as to not trip ourselves up and cost ourselves an opportunity! She was also always available to share her rolodex of contacts for anything you could think of. I felt like what I found in Christine was not just a really good realtor who is very knowledgeable in the San Francisco housing landscape, but a trusted advisor in nearly anything I can think of!

Teresa W.

Christine is very professional, an excellent communicator and detail oriented

Christine is very professional, an excellent communicator and detail oriented. All important things you want in your realtor. We worked with Christine to sell our San Francisco loft condominium.

During the preparation phase, Christine had good instincts on what mattered to get the place ready to sell. She brought in a wonderful stager and photographer who transformed a nice condo into a fabulous condo. As much as you don’t want it to matter, staging matters.

During the on-market phase, Christine was prepared to have open houses multiple times per week until we got some offers. She kept herself informed on what else was on the market in the building/area and networked with fellow agents. She kept me informed on a daily basis on the progress of disclosure packets and potential buyers.

During the offer evaluation phase, Christine really shined. This is the phase where your realtor is really able to prove their worth if they are good. Christine offered effective strategies to get us the highest price possible and a clear approach to closing the deal. She always gave a balanced view of the situation, with risks and advantages to different paths. She was a top notch communicator who took the time to talk through all the outcomes. I really felt that the decision was in my court but that Christine gave me the full view of information to make the best choice for me.

During the escrow phase, Christine didn’t stop. She was on top of making sure the process went as planned. When the timeline faltered due to the buyer, she was on top of it to get it back on track. Again, Christine really shined with her communication skills and instincts to understand what was really creating the delay and how to motivate progress forward.

Christine was a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend her as your agent.

Amanda K.

We absolutely scored with Christine

We absolutely scored with Christine – she knows and loves this city and her knowledge of the market put us at ease and made us feel much less intimidated. It’s an understatement to say that the San Francisco housing market can be extremely daunting for potential buyers. My husband and I knew we wanted to live here, but assumed that we’d have to settle.

Christine is warm and enthusiastic, and when she was with us we had her undivided attention. She encouraged us to take our time looking, and really listened to us so she could present properties that hit the right notes. She went above and beyond with the time she spent meeting with us, breaking down disclosures and determining the appropriate amount to bid.

Christine genuinely wanted to find the perfect place for us, and we never felt at all pressured. When we finally did find a place that we loved, she was a fierce advocate for our family. We love our new home and feel so lucky to be able to put down roots in this beautiful city. I am so grateful that we have Christine in our corner.

Katherine C.

Christine is a wonderful agent

Christine is a wonderful agent – motivated, enthusiastic, and very thorough. As a first time homebuyer, I didn’t understand the process or have a good idea what to look at and where to start. Christine quickly understood what I was seeking & turned up plenty of good listings. She took me to various neighborhoods and helped me understand the city. She helped keep me motivated through a very competitive market back in 2014. And she helped me understand the process at every turn, assisted with inspectors and contacts at the banks, and walked me through the disclosures. Her guidance allowed me to evaluate properties in depth, bid with confidence on the good ones – and to be comfortable walking away too. Her professional relationships allowed her to find a wonderful off-market opportunity that became my home. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Stephan W.

She was our biggest cheerleader!

Christine was absolutely amazing throughout our real estate experience. We would not have been able to purchase our home if it weren’t for her support, encouragement, and guidance – especially in the competitive market that we are in right now. You need someone to go to bat for you and she will do it with the utmost professionalism and smoothness. We met so many real estate agents through the process and you can tell the difference how much she stands out from the rest, and you will be proud and grateful that she is your agent. As a first time homebuyer, my husband and I had a steep learning curve. Christine was always very patient and coached us through it step by step. We were in multiple offer situations and we won. She helped us with our financing and worked closely with our mortgage broker to assure things went smoothly. She was there with us from the very beginning and helped us cross the finish line. She was our biggest cheerleader! I cannot thank her enough for everything she’s done, all the late night emails, all the disclosures that we went through, all the conversations we had… she is the best!!

Mary and Mike I.

We look forward to many years and many transactions together with you

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You stepped up on short notice, gave us great advice and provided us with personalized attention as you steered us through the offering process while making everything as painless as possible… long term, we look forward to many years and many transactions together with you.

Karl S. & DeMarco C.

Christine is amazing!!! She has the highest work ethic and the best attitude.

Christine is amazing!!! She has the highest work ethic and the best attitude.

In our search for the perfect home, she made sure we are exploring all options and locations that would be a good fit. She was always there to answer questions and offer suggestions and she went the extra mile whenever needed.

Throughout the process of making an offer, she made sure we understand the disclosures, and that we are very comfortable with the offer terms. She also respected and offered support on the emotional side.

I can say with full confidence that Christine always has our best interest in mind. That she is very resourceful, creative and intelligent in all the steps of the home buying process. We are very lucky to have met her.

Anna C.

Everything changed after I met Christine

Looking for a buyer’s agent in San Francisco? Do you need someone you can trust, help you find your perfect home, and guide you through the entire process with energy and positivity? Christine is the professional you want to work with.

Completely by chance, I met Christine at an open house in Noe. We had a very nice chat, exchanged information, and began communicating that week. About five months later, Christine closed a deal on our dream condo in the city.

Six months ago my fiancé and I didn’t know if it was feasible to buy a home in San Francisco. The market is competitive, prices are high and rising, and inventory is low. We were intimidated to say the least. We had been roaming open houses and felt lost and underwhelmed by what we were seeing in our price range. Additionally, we had not met a buyer’s agent and were not sure how to go about doing that. One popular agent didn’t return my call when he said he would.

Everything changed after I met Christine. Right away, we were able to discuss what we were looking for and in turn Christine identified the areas we could focus on and gave us data her agency (Paragon) had collected. Christine gave us tours, accompanied us to open houses we were interested in, and kept in touch with us on a regular basis (not too much or too little). When it came time for us to make an offer, Christine guided the process with sensitivity and confidence.

Working closely with an agent to find a home is extremely personal experience. It is vital to work with someone who is completely open and honest with you, and who you feel comfortable being honest with as well. Your agent sees you in your happy moments and less than perfect moments. We never felt judged or pushed by Christine. I can’t stress enough how professional and kind Christine was to us, and others. It is apparent how much emphasis Christine places on helping people through a stressful process. I don’t think we could have found someone more fun, reliable, positive, and full of energy. She exceeded expectations that we had and I was left speechless by the level of service and care we received and continue to receive. We will always look back on our first home buying experience with a smile, and look forward to seeing Christine soon. 🙂

Thanks for everything Christine!

Mariana R.

Christine is a consummate professional, and also one of the nicest people I’ve met

I needed a agent to step in on short notice when I found a property that I absolutely fell in love with this summer. She immediately jumped in, and put in tons of time and energy into helping me write the WINNING offer for what turned out to be a property with multiple (including all cash) offers.  Her evaluation of the value of the property and what it would take to win (but not overpay) the property was spot on.  Christine went the extra mile to make the presentation of my offer really stand out from the crowd.  This was an incredibly stressful process, and she was responsive, knowledgeable, supportive and always positive.  She made sure I understood everything, was detail oriented, hard working, ethical, and understood what a personal process the buying of a home is.  Christine is a consummate professional, and also one of the nicest people I’ve met. You won’t go wrong with her.

Hyon K.
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