We absolutely scored with Christine

We absolutely scored with Christine – she knows and loves this city and her knowledge of the market put us at ease and made us feel much less intimidated. It’s an understatement to say that the San Francisco housing market can be extremely daunting for potential buyers. My husband and I knew we wanted to live here, but assumed that we’d have to settle.

Christine is warm and enthusiastic, and when she was with us we had her undivided attention. She encouraged us to take our time looking, and really listened to us so she could present properties that hit the right notes. She went above and beyond with the time she spent meeting with us, breaking down disclosures and determining the appropriate amount to bid.

Christine genuinely wanted to find the perfect place for us, and we never felt at all pressured. When we finally did find a place that we loved, she was a fierce advocate for our family. We love our new home and feel so lucky to be able to put down roots in this beautiful city. I am so grateful that we have Christine in our corner.

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