I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine

Christine helped me through a multi-year on/off process of looking for a new home in San Francisco. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine for both buying and selling a home in SF – she’s more than a real estate agent, she’s a true advisor in the end-to-end home buying/selling process and goes above and beyond for her clients to be happy with their transaction.

I met Christine at an open house for a property she was listing – what luck did I have to run into her that day! I was instantly impressed with her passion for the market and felt she was someone that I could easily work with. She is an amazing real estate agent for so many reasons:

1. She cares. Personally, this one means the most. She is professional, honest, dedicated and values her integrity. She was transparent with me throughout the process so that I was very aware of issues/concerns as I made my decisions. She was my advocate through and through in working various bids, and very clearly cared that I found the right place for me and that I was well informed along the way.

2. She knows the city and the market. Christine knows SF inside and out – and she’s seen so much from the real estate side of things. Her input on locations (street/neighborhood) and the overall market was simply invaluable in working through the SF buying process. Her insights helped me eliminate some areas and zero in on others to help meet my personal preferences.

3. She makes herself available. Whether via text, phone call or in person, I was always able to connect with Christine to ask a question (any question!) so that I was comfortable with the process. She makes time to go to Open Houses whether timing works to go with you or whether she attends separately and then downloads with you on pros/cons on the property.

4. She has contacts. And she’s willing to share them to help you get into your place as easily as possible. At every turn, Christine had a practical idea of how to address issues as quickly as possible. When it came to electricians or flooring teams, Christine’s suggestions were ALL rockstars at very reasonable pricing.

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