I can’t really imagine a better agent

Christine is an outstanding San Francisco real estate agent – I can’t really imagine a better agent.

Christine really knows the market and the players and also has the patience, calmness, and persistence to make sure things go through. Christine just guided me through a San Francisco home purchase over multiple bids and I am incredibly grateful to have been referred to Christine. She is extremely competent, connected, and fun to work with.

A bit more detail:

1. Knows the market – Christine understands the dynamics of the market and what is needed to effectively negotiate and purchases a house in SF. It’s such a crazily competitive market right now and she was able to help me choose a good property to purchase. She helped steer me away from some expensive properties that I somewhat liked but would potentially be bad from an investment perspective or didn’t really fit my lifestyle that well. When I expressed interest in the house I eventually purchased, she helped me evaluate its merits relative to the other houses in the market in a way that helped me with the process. Christine also provided very helpful guidance around pricing – and was great about assessing comparables to help with the first bid pricing.

2. Knows the players – Christine has a network of people in the industry to help with financing, title, appraisals, etc. – people she has worked with so they can support you effectively in getting the deal done. I worked with two other agents previously and they were unable to fully navigate the complexities of the SF market (one made a deal for a home purchase fall through as a result – the sellers ended up very mad at him, I ended up without a place to live for a bit, very painful!). Christine knows how to pull together a team and also provided helpful referrals after the purchase for contractors, architect, etc. She also knew the seller’s agent and was great in working together with her as we went into a competitive bidding process.

3. Patience, Calmness, and Persistence – Christine has a wonderful personality (and sense of humor) and is able to work with different people involved in the process. And she was an invaluable guide for me as I was trying to sort my thoughts on the different houses and come to a decision. She was flexible and skillful in working with me – and firm when needed as well… a great combination and a trusted partner in the process.

Christine had been patiently working with me for 2.5 years as I did an on-again, off-again search. Then, I had an urgent need to purchase a place and Christine was able to help me find a place within three weeks! It required competing against four other bidders over three rounds of bidding – so I am again very grateful to have received such great support and guidance from Christine.

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