Everything changed after I met Christine

Looking for a buyer’s agent in San Francisco? Do you need someone you can trust, help you find your perfect home, and guide you through the entire process with energy and positivity? Christine is the professional you want to work with.

Completely by chance, I met Christine at an open house in Noe. We had a very nice chat, exchanged information, and began communicating that week. About five months later, Christine closed a deal on our dream condo in the city.

Six months ago my fiancé and I didn’t know if it was feasible to buy a home in San Francisco. The market is competitive, prices are high and rising, and inventory is low. We were intimidated to say the least. We had been roaming open houses and felt lost and underwhelmed by what we were seeing in our price range. Additionally, we had not met a buyer’s agent and were not sure how to go about doing that. One popular agent didn’t return my call when he said he would.

Everything changed after I met Christine. Right away, we were able to discuss what we were looking for and in turn Christine identified the areas we could focus on and gave us data her agency (Paragon) had collected. Christine gave us tours, accompanied us to open houses we were interested in, and kept in touch with us on a regular basis (not too much or too little). When it came time for us to make an offer, Christine guided the process with sensitivity and confidence.

Working closely with an agent to find a home is extremely personal experience. It is vital to work with someone who is completely open and honest with you, and who you feel comfortable being honest with as well. Your agent sees you in your happy moments and less than perfect moments. We never felt judged or pushed by Christine. I can’t stress enough how professional and kind Christine was to us, and others. It is apparent how much emphasis Christine places on helping people through a stressful process. I don’t think we could have found someone more fun, reliable, positive, and full of energy. She exceeded expectations that we had and I was left speechless by the level of service and care we received and continue to receive. We will always look back on our first home buying experience with a smile, and look forward to seeing Christine soon. 🙂

Thanks for everything Christine!

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