Christine was very patient, responsive, and encouraging throughout the entire process

When my husband and I first started out in the market, a good friend of mine suggested that I meet with Christine, insisting that Christine was very much like me in that she was very thorough, organized, and detail-oriented. Therefore, making her someone I would really like to work with. We were previously working with a non-local agent and was not having any luck with leads, so figured we didn’t have anything to lose. I knew at my first meeting with Christine that she was THE agent for us. She really listened to what it was that we were looking for in a home and tried to understand our family lifestyle to better make suggestions to our search approach. After my first meeting with Christine, I felt like we finally had a clear roadmap of our house hunting search that we were finally going to embark on and that owning a home in the City would be possible.

Christine had always made sure to make herself available to attend Open Houses with us. However, given that our schedule revolved around the nap time(s) of our little one, it ended up being easier for us to attend Open House separately and compare notes with Christine afterwards. Christine could always be counted on for market feedback, whether it was general comments or a detailed comparative market analysis of comparable properties, and for coming up with a strategy each time we went to the table. She always had a plan of action for each move in the game. With Christine, we always felt fully prepared to “go to battle”. We had put in a total of five offers during our hunt, but I know that with the first four offers, we knew that we did not bid where we knew we needed to bid to win. (For three of the houses, we didn’t love the houses enough.)

Having been in and out of the market with Christine for a little more than 1.5 year (though we had to hop out of the market for 8 of those months), Christine was very patient, responsive, and encouraging throughout the entire process. However, at the same time, she was firm when she needed to be–like when she had to have that conversation with us when she felt like what we were trying to achieve was not possible under current market conditions, or when it was time to submit offers or close the loan and she was making sure we were on top of it so as to not trip ourselves up and cost ourselves an opportunity! She was also always available to share her rolodex of contacts for anything you could think of. I felt like what I found in Christine was not just a really good realtor who is very knowledgeable in the San Francisco housing landscape, but a trusted advisor in nearly anything I can think of!

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